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Create Your Secure Custom Web Portal Exclusively To Your Business Needs

Need to transform all your services online? No more queues or paper requests or even cash payment. With asgatech, you can customize your own secured end-to-end web portal solution to get the most out of your business processes.


Complete Web Portal Services for Every Need

At asgatech, we use the latest web application frameworks, either frontend or backend, and custom website development. A variety of options will be at your fingertips, Cloud-based web applications, back-office systems, APIs, and much more are provided with the best-in-class real-time web application customization process.

Why asgatech For Web Portal Development Services?

Smooth Integration

We develop our web portals to provide a single point of access for all business requirements and to offer an information system that can be used not only for internal sources but also for the integration process of all third-party platforms and software systems. 

User-Friendly Portals

Web portals are designed with an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain interface to simplify the user experience. With asgatech, you get a comprehensive web portal to solve your complex operations but with simple straightforward steps.

Operative Web Portals For All Applications

Web portal development services are meant to simplify users’ business operations anytime, anywhere, and no matter what device they use. That’s why we build web portals that are ready to use across any device with the same access credentials for any user.

Customer Profitability And Retention

asgatech has a huge team of web development specialists who have extensive expertise to design a high-quality web portal that is made to enhance user experience, increase customers’ retention, and minimize operational errors.

One Domain, Multiple Services

In large enterprises and conglomerates, there’s more than one company under the same corporate umbrella and it’s the same for the domain. You will have one domain that branches to multiple enterprise portals, each serving a separate industry and separate customers.

What Do You Get with asgatech Web Portal Development Services?

Custom Responsive HTML5 Portals Development

 With the wide range usage of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, user demand is intensively increasing for mobile apps and portals solutions that function smartly and seamlessly. With a client-focused approach, asgatech uses cutting-edge technologies to offer HTML5-based solutions to build reliable, feature-rich, custom web portals.

Third Parties Web Portals

If you want to have the ability to connect seamlessly with third parties and APIs, we particularly consider this when designing custom web portal software. Our customized software is easy to manage and will help third-party platforms and systems connect with your business in a hustle-free simple few steps. 

Customized UX Design

With so many companies competing for the same customer base as you, it’s necessary to avoid looking generic. This is exactly what we do. When our team designs your web portal, they develop something intuitive to use with appealing designs at the same time. The unique, feature-rich designs we develop for your business won’t only generate leads but also keep on attracting more customers.

Content Management

The ability to control and manage the flow of data and content is critical for any business. But that’s another thing to leave for asgatech. During your custom web portal development, we create simple yet efficient content management systems that streamline your data flow. 

Streamlined Workflow

No more boring, repetitive tasks, and layoffs with our custom development solutions. We will work with your team to create software that optimizes your operations, streamlines your workflow processes, and simplifies your day-to-day work, in a  way that allows your employees to spend more time focusing on higher priority tasks to maximize their productivity.

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How We Do It?

Our Six-Step Process


We turn your vision and ideas here into solid requirements to be considered in our process.


Designing your UI/UX, content management system, choosing your color palette, and giving your web portal or mobile app a distinctive branding identity. 


Our designing and developing team will implement all your needed features to develop your portal according to your needs, budget, and time. 


Testing is the phase where we make sure that your portal is risk-free and you are getting what you expected and requested.


Your web portal is now tested and verified. It’s time for the ship to sail and time for the portal to launch.

Maintenance &

We will guide you through your team training process and will be there to do regular maintenance to eliminate any detected bugs and also guide you in scaling and customer service anytime.

Verticals We Serve

On-demand web portals


E-commerce web portals


Logistics web portals


Insurance and finance web portals


Medical Web portals (patient portal - Staff portal)


Educational web portals


Media and entertainment web portals


Food and beverage web portals


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