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Wearables app development is the new game-changer in the tech market. With the expanding usage of wearables now, their app development has become the new route to market dispersion. What matters in developing a wearable app is designing a simple, easy-to-use interface with powerful features and a smooth user experience journey.

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asgatech supports large and medium enterprises with end-to-end, user-centric wearable app development for smartwatches, smart glasses, hearable devices (smart headphones), and more. We deliver fully developed standalone apps (and their container apps) and companion apps, from app development and UX/UI design to functionality features and integrations, including faces, glances, controls, notifications, navigation, and voice commands. Our wearable apps are designed to fit the platform and the language you and your users prefer.

Our expert teams with years of experience under their belt have in-depth technical and coding knowledge and keep an eye on the industry trends to develop the most updated apps for wearables that are intuitive and noticeable. Entrust your wearable app development into the hands of asgatech professionals.

Why Do You Need To Start Wearables App Development?

Invade Real-Time Health Tracker Field

Fitness tracker and health monitoring apps are one of the most booming sectors in the wearables app development industry. Why? Because wearable devices are operating 24/7 and can detect any unbalanced heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, glucose levels, and more. Plus, it motivates athletes and also unathletic people to do sports by showing training analysis, duration, burnt calories, and more motivational data.

Reach Out To Your Customers On Their Favorite Platforms

Some of the very well-known mobile applications such as Uber and Spotify have developed their wearable mobile apps in very early stages. This choice was proactively made to engage with customers according to their preferences. You can follow the same steps and develop your wearable app with asgatech now to convert your app idea into reality.

Streamline Business Performance Across Industries

Wearables can be used as task scanners in many work scenarios. It can monitor productivity and completed tasks, as well as track and measure task accuracy with performance metrics
This feature can be flexibly adjusted according to different industries such as manufacturing, asset management, and supply chain.

Elevate Music Experience

With hearable devices, now music apps have gone far beyond the old traditional music apps. Now hearable devices offer active noise cancellation, audio masking, sound amplification, frequency smart equalization, and more. Catch up with the trend and leverage all these benefits by developing your hearable app with asgatech.

Enhance Gaming Experience

Wearable technology brought reality into gaming with VR headsets. By using one of our wearable apps, your customers will get a real-time gaming experience that bridges between the gamer and the game environment. And that’s what you as a product owner would want to provide.

Boost Employee Productivity

Workplace wearables are booming because of their influence on the ROI increase. These types of apps make employees aware of their productivity during the workday and hence try to optimize it. In addition, it makes employees’ needs visible and makes fulfilling their demands accessible.

Wearables We Develop For
  • Smartwatch App Development (Apple Watches & Android Watches)
  • Hearables 
  • Smart Clothing
  • Smart Glasses 
  • Smart Jewelry 
  • Fitness Bands and Trackers
  • Implantables
  • VR Glasses
Our Range of Wearables App Development Solutions
  • iOS Wearable App Development 
  • Android Wearable App Development 
  • Wearables UX/UX Design
  • Hearables App Development 
  • 360-degree (AR/VR) App Development

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