System Integration

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System Integration

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Why use decentralized technology solutions if you can integrate them all in one system? The Enterprise IT field is an interlaced complex scope of business. Every day, a new tool emerges to enhance user experiences, and your business will need to cope and implement it. Forget fragmented technology solutions, and start systems integration to detangle all these business operations across your entire enterprise applications. Make one version of data sources and smooth business processes enterprise-wide.

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At asgatech software house, we use the latest technologies to give your business a rival edge, adapt to the ever-changing world of business and technology, and accelerate your business growth. Our 19 years of experience make us highly qualified and well-equipped to handle all types of software and technology projects no matter how complex it is. Don’t be left behind and integrate your systems, fully and easily with asgatech.

System Integration Key Benefits

Smooth information flow
Better Analysis and Reporting
More Efficient Business Operations
Less Maintenance Costs
Unified Platform Experience
Better Employees Productivity

What We Do In System Integration Services?

Data Integration

asgatech offers a fully managed data integration service, where we merge all your data sources, file formats, applications, and database systems into one integrated source. With asgatech data integration, harness the power of data from one single portal and keep the flow, consistency, and integrity of your data intact.

API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) integration is your powerful solution to connect and allow data sharing between your multiple systems to significantly enhance your workflow. asgatech is capable of integrating open-source, third-party, custom APIs and synchronizing data formats between various web services and mobile applications.

Application Integration

asgatech builds and integrates all types of applications for both established enterprises or startups alike to sustain your progress and improve communication and data sharing. asgatech has a successful record of integrating accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), content management (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), digital marketing, reporting, and analysis applications for 19 years now.

Service-Oriented Architecture

With asgatech service-oriented architecture (SOA), we empower your enterprise to systemize internal operations and collaborative tasks in a fast, connected, and optimized way. asgatech aligns your IT ecosystem according to your business goals and future plans. Additionally, we ensure streamed data flow and build an easy-to-use interface for all users across hierarchy roles and responsibilities.

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Enterprise System Integration Services
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How We Do It?

Our Six-Step Process


In the requirements gathering phase, we work closely with you and identify your detailed requirements and specifications, as well as what you expect from us as your system integrator.


To bring your requirements into an effective solution, we perform an in-depth analysis to assess and address the operational feasibility of your system integration project and offer advice on the most optimal solutions and strategies.

Architecture and Design

We outline the entire process and logistics to ensure seamless integration. Our expert teams design your unified integrated system by setting your workflow, management plan, data transfer, roles hierarchy, and more.


After the design, now it’s time for building and developing your system along with multiple testing processes to eliminate risk factors and maximize the efficiency of your system. 


Once the system is ready, tested, and verified, it’s ready to go live, where we make sure it’s up and running smoothly.  Next, we help guide you in the training process for your employees to get comfortable with the system. 

Maintenance &

asgatech will keep an eye on your new ecosystem performance with regular maintenance and inspections to fix any bugs and/or modify and add any new feature along with providing full support for any system-related issues.

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