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Start Your Project On A Solid Foundation

Software architecture is the art of structuring the project sectors together to build the final solution mockup. It’s the first stage of any tech project where you plan for the solution functionality, tech stack, end user needs, initial wireframes, and more, setting up a solid foundation for the project where decisions are backed by in-depth research and analysis. 


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asgatech provides the robust architecture services you’re looking for to grow your business. Our software architecture services are all about solid planning to ensure alignment with your business and technical requirements, adaptability to challenges, futuristic alterations, and ultimate operational agility to get your complex software and technology infrastructures, such as cloud computing, done better, smarter, and faster. We also offer software architecture consulting, where our consultants and experts work with you closely to interpret your needs and identify gaps to ensure a streamlined project workflow.

Software Architecture Business Key Benefits

Aligning Project Workflow With The Business’ Objective

Some projects start and miss out their way along the route. The importance of software architecture comes from its ability to map the project’s journey that’s in line with the business requirements and objectives.

Analyzing Customers' Requirements And Competitors

You can’t develop a solution only based on an idea. Yes, the software idea is 50% of it, but understanding the customer requirements, analyzing the market, and comparing between competitors is the other 50% that frames out the idea into an executive plan. 

Arranging Budget Plans

Whether you’re on a limited budget or not, there are always areas of cost saving in each project. With a solid software architecture plan, you can identify these areas, which helps drastically minimize expenses and maximize profitability.

Maximizing Agility And Adaptability

Scale-up and adapt to the evolving business needs with continuous enhancement. Resolve unanticipated challenges with proactive plans using software architecture services. And finally, maximize the overall quality of the project because every milestone, potential complication, and everything in between is planned in complete detail from the early stages. 

What We Do In Software Architecture Services

Software Architecture

asgatech offers a wide range of software architecture services.. We conduct workshops, requirements analysis, design wireframes and visuals, and produce software prototypes. Putting your goal ahead, we proceed with an optimized plan that yields the results you seek.

Service-oriented Architecture

SOA or service-oriented architecture is a technique that divides services by orientation to make them more interoperable and agile. With our service-oriented architecture services, asgatech provides faster time to market and aligns communication between business and tech language.

Architecture Analysis

If you already have an existing product that you need to revamp and don’t know how to start, architecture analysis is the key. At asgatech, we create a comprehensive audit and a deep analysis of a software architecture. We have the tools and knowledge to identify gaps and potential risks as well as assess the quality requirements addressed in the design so we can frame out a software architecture plan that delivers design alternatives and optimizes the entire architecture.

Event-driven Software Architecture

Event-driven software architecture is one of the architectural styles that plans the whole project features according to “events”. We use this methodology at asgatech to optimize the product efficiency by developing a solution with less CPU consumption and less network bandwidth usage.

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