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Need to build an app? Startup or enterprise? asgatech is a leading mobile app development services provider, ready to design, build & launch high-performing apps.

Mobile App Development

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Mobile apps are currently fueling the industry and powering all brands with handy, easy, and entertaining ways to shop. Apps now start from an idea and end as a mega-enterprise in the SaaS field. It’s your turn now!

asgatech has been powering the industry with top-notch mobile apps for 19 years now.  Our proven track record is fueled by market research and big data analysis, as well as driven by robust strategy, design, and the latest mobile technology. Create a mobile and web application from scratch now in a hustle-free process.

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At asgatech software house, we use the latest technologies to give your business a rival edge, adapt to the ever-changing world of business and technology, and accelerate your business growth. Our 19 years of experience make us highly qualified and well-equipped to handle all types of software and technology projects no matter how complex it is. Don’t be left behind and integrate your systems, fully and easily with asgatech.

Mobile App Development Key Benefits

Fluid UX/UI design
Fast Time-to-Market Launch
Hi-tech Development
Flexible Scalability
Multi-Platform Integration
Smooth User Experience

What We Do In Mobile App Development Services?

iOS App Development

The iOS ecosystem includes iPhone, iPad, and smartwatch which all provide great potential for development.  At asgatech, we provide specially tailored solutions to create a uniquely customized iOS user experience. Our scope of services is not limited to building an app, we offer end-to-end app development services, including professional consulting, mobile software project management, integration, implementation, design and development of iOS applications.

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Apple Watch App Development
  • Apple TV App Development

Programming Languages We Use: 
Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, CocoaPods, RxSwift, SwiftLint, CircleCI.

Android App Development

Android app development is one of the widest development sectors and that’s why it’s in our center of focus. As one of the leading software companies in the MENA region, asgatech has managed hundreds of thousands of projects, creating and designing android mobile and web applications in fintech, gaming, eCommerce, healthcare, education, and many other industry verticals.

  • Android Mobile App Development Services
  • Android TV App Development
  • Android Tablet App Development
  • Android Wear App Development

Programming Languages We Use:
Kotlin Java Graddle Dagger JetPack Coroutines Fastlane

Hybrid App Development

asgatech creates world-class Hybrid mobile applications that provide intuitive features in addition to UI & UX on all mobile devices. Facilitate agile development with reduced costs . Make the most of web applications combined with feature-rich native applications and their compatibility with various other platforms in one app.

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development Services 
  • Hybrid Tablet App Development
  • Hybrid TV App Development

Programming Languages We Use:
React Angular Redux Polymer Workbox Lighthouse

Cross-Platform Development

Why target a single platform if you can make cross-platform mobile apps development? Developing one code base cross-platform apps with an almost equal user base in both android and iOS is the emerging trend. asgatech offers valuable engagement models that analyze clients’ requirements to develop efficient and customized cross-platform solutions that meet your budget and schedule. For years, asgatech has been able to deploy, test, and support hundreds of thousands of intuitive, interactive, scalable, and feature-rich cross-platforms using trending technologies.

  • Cross-browser Web & Mobile App Development
  • Responsive Web & Mobile App Development
  • Offline Web & Mobile App Development

Programming Languages We Use:
React Native Flutter Native Script Javascript TypeScript

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How We Do It?

Our Five-Step Process


asgatech starts its building process with intensive market and industry research to identify target competitors, define main requirements, and determine the targeted customer persona. 


Design starts with identifying main color palettes, UI/UX design, and planning for the whole user experience journey from opening the app to the final desired action.


Development is when we build the architecture of your mobile app, its pipeline, data flow, and all other backend development. 

Launching & Testing

Launching is the first sail for our boat where we keep an eye on each and every detail that would guide us in the upcoming phase. A team of professional mobile app developers will handle your launching plan to ensure the delivery is due to your requests, time, and cost. 

Deployment & Support

Your product is now live. Our development support team will keep track of the product performance, statistics, and deployment to continuously launch new updates and fix any unexpected bugs.

Maintenance &

asgatech will keep an eye on your new ecosystem performance with regular maintenance and inspections to fix any bugs and/or modify and add any new feature along with providing full support for any system-related issues.

Verticals We Serve

Gaming apps


eCommerce apps


Healthcare apps


Travel apps


Food and beverage apps


Finance apps


Educational apps


Transport apps


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