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With asgatech, build smart homes, cities, and enterprises with expert IoT development services. Benefit from big data analytics, get IoT consulting, and more.

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The Internet of things is conquering the business scene, enabling machines connection and data exchanging using mainly the internet and other technologies starting from Bluetooth, sensors, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and more. Give your business the boost it needs by implementing IoT in your operation pipeline and discover how your work will benefit from this smart-developed ecosystem.


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asgatech powers industries and enterprises to utilize these next-generation technologies to transform their business and strategize their digital existence in the current fast-paced digital landscape. Our expert team develops smart IoT devices, connects them, and collects data to get the best data analytics to make data-driven decisions. We use top-notch technology stack and machine learning solutions in our IoT projects to build IoT platforms that compete and rank well against competitors.

IoT Business Key Benefits

Smart & Engaging User Experience
Deep Data Analysis that Powers Data-driven Decisions
More Control & Monitoring
Reduced Costs, Time, and Human Errors
Tasks Automation and Reduced Efforts
Ultimate Data Security

What We Do In IoT Development?

Internet Of Things IoT Consulting

We help you find the best route to achieve your business goals, if you need consulting services about your project idea, feasibility study, return on investment, or any other consultation, asgatech is ready to serve you. With asgatech proactive consultation, you minimize project risks and budget waste, ensuring optimum value and quality.

Internet Of Things IoT Software Development

Our experienced IoT developers walk you through app development, connectivity, data gathering funnel, and building the full project pipeline. Implementing high-end technologies and the industry’s best practices, asgatech develops high-performing and scalable IoT platforms that both meet your operational and management needs as well as ensure optimal user convenience.

Internet Of Things IoT Data Management

Your main purpose of IoT implementation aside from energy-saving and cost control is collecting data that can enhance future operations and streamline efficient workflow. In order to achieve this, asgatech IoT data management solutions provide assistance in data storage, data analysis, data migration, and finally data modeling and visualization to transform this big data into insights and reports that lay out your business journey.

Internet Of Things IoT Integrations

If you have your already existing project that you need to digitally transform and integrate with IoT installations and developed software solutions, let asgatech take it from here. Our expert team builds a hyper-connected ecosystem, handling every integration requirement from A to Z. For large enterprises, we develop smart, advanced IoT apps that integrate easily with the user system such as ERP, CMS, MES, or any other used system.

Internet Of Things IoT User Experience & User Interface Designs

Build appealing, eye-catching mobile and web IoT apps that match your identity and simplify work tasks at the same time. asgatech handles the full cycle, starting with app prototyping, design user interface, and frameworks, in addition to planning your user’s journey from start to finish.

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How We Do It?

Our Five-Step Process


The planning phase includes project strategizing, feasibility study, needed devices, and hardware listing, negotiating legalities and project timeline.

Architecture Design

Building the project pipeline starting from devices installations, connections, data collection, data analysis, data storage, and the final output of data insights visualization.


The building stage of executing all our planned thoughts and ideas into a tangible output that you can check and amend while we also can test and verify.


Now, your IoT system is launched and ready to connect devices, collect data, and give you the predicted and planned results.

Support & Maintenance

We will provide full support to proactively fix any bugs and keep an eye on the IoT application so we can track performance and apply any updates. 

Maintenance &

asgatech will keep an eye on your new ecosystem performance with regular maintenance and inspections to fix any bugs and/or modify and add any new feature along with providing full support for any system-related issues.

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