Front-End Development Services

Get high-quality front-end software development services that combine engaging, intuitive UI/UX with powerful frameworks. asgatech provides customized front-end services for all industries, all devices, and all businesses’ objectives.

Front-End Development Services That Elevate Your User Experience

With almost two decades of experience in front-end development, asgatech has managed mega projects for governments, enterprises, and start-ups across all industries. At asgatech, we set our front-end development goal is to ensure that your platform is responsive, interactive, and functional across different devices, browsers, and operating systems. 

Backed by our top-notch developers and designers, we operate front-end projects starting from ideation to maintenance. That’s why we empower our team with the most updated technologies and frameworks to deliver world-class front-end services. Our front-end development services strive to complement the back-end development functionality of your platforms to completely transform the look and feel of the website.

asgatech Web Development Approaches

For this customer-side programming, we operate our web development projects with 3 innovative approaches. We leverage Object-Oriented Programming, a computer programming model that organizes software design based on the concept of objects or classes rather than functions and logic. With its four main principles, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism, we provide a more usable, readable, and writable code with less effort and in less time.

We also support MVC architecture, which ensures we eliminate code redundancy and build solid structures for your web apps. That’s in addition to the microservices architecture, which maximizes business agility, supports scalability, simplifies debugging processes, and allows us to employ smaller teams of front-end developers for each product segment.

Front-End Technologies

Our Tech stack includes all the latest technologies, frameworks, and libraries.

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Java Script

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React JS

Front-End Development Services

HTML Development 

HTML is the most used hypertext markup language for creating web pages. We utilize HTML to build the structure of the web page and to simply tell the browser how to display content such as images, letters, or any other. 

CSS Development

Cascading Style Sheet or widely known as CSS is one of our core tech stacks that we use to give your website its unique appearance. CSS is part of HTML where it describes the displayed elements on the screen.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript development is used to build the dynamic and interactive elements of your website. These elements can be transitions, animations, moving sliders, dropdown menus, chat widgets, videos, and much more. We also use TypeScript which is a superset from the javascript to add static typing.

React.js Development

React.js is our gateway to building effortless, interactive user interfaces. It works on rendering simple views design by building encapsulated components that update themselves when data changes. We use React.js open-source JavaScript libraries to build declarative views with more clean, predictable, and easy-to-debug codes.

Angular Development

Angular is a structural framework we use for developing dynamic web apps.
We implement this framework to gain the benefits of single-page applications and to deliver web applications faster, with clean code and usability.

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We are keen to use the most updated technologies in the market. We keep an eye on all the emerging and trending tech stacks such as artificial intelligence AI, Quantum computing, Blockchain, Internet of things IoT, VR/AR, and much more. 


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driven Solutions

We are keen to use the most updated technologies in the market. We keep an eye on all the emerging and trending tech stacks such as artificial intelligence AI, Quantum computing, Blockchain, Internet of things IoT, VR/AR, and much more. 


19 Years of

Since 2003, we have been working in the software field. Over the years, we have enriched our knowledge with our involvement in mega projects along with leading businesses and increased our exposure to the tech market with expertise that fuels our work now. 



We hunt top market talents to ensure providing superior professional services. asgatech’s team is a hybrid of industry pioneers with extensive experience and young talents who are passionate about the tech field. 



At asgatech, we maintain operational agility to streamline our operations and deliver a steady flow of value for our clients. We carefully plan and adapt our processes, as well as anticipate challenges, which allows us to respond faster and more efficiently without affecting the project’s budget or time frame. 



At asgatech, our client-centric approach has two dimensions; putting our clients’ requirements at the heart of every project as well as their end users’ preferences and expectations. Our quality is typically tied to meeting both with precision and extraordinary attention to detail.

Front-End Development Process

Our Six-Step Process

Requirements Gathering

We start by performing market analysis and identifying requirements to set the initial objectives.

UI/UX Design

Then, we translate these requirements to the wireframes designing and planning for the full user experience. 

Building Prototype

Afterward, we transform these designs into a prototype where our client can see how the app will look and operate. 


After approving the prototype, we start building the actual system of the developed solution. 


What comes after development is the testing to ensure that every function and feature is working as planned.

Maintenance & Support

Finally, we keep our hands on the product to constantly monitor performance, plan for updates, and give full support.

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