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Business Analysis Services: Maximize Your Business Performance and Growth

Business analysis is the process of converting raw ideas into tangible achievable business goals. Professional business analysts and development teams come together to identify your business requirements, objectives, and challenges, helping bridge the gap between your business and technology as well as between all stakeholders involved, including investors, your development teams, and users, to ensure a smooth and successful product development process.

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asgatech: Your Expert Business Analysis Services Partner

With our 19 years of experience in the software development field, asgatech business analysis services guide clients to address their business needs and strategic goals. We know how this market evolved, how it developed and accelerated through the years, and what to expect in the coming years. asgatech business analysts proactively identify challenges that could impact the software solutions efficiency and ensure product delivery on time, on budget, and in line with international standards.

What Are Business Analysis Services Benefits?

Standardized Business Requirements

With asgatech, you’ll be guided to set your own project requirements according to international standards and market needs with deep technical research and competitors analysis. 

Stakeholders Alignment

From the idea to strategy and design, the business analysis process ensures that everyone is on board, communicating and making decisions, ensuring not only better outcomes but also more alignment. 

Filed And Secured Project Documentation

asgatech business analysis process ensures secure data and documents, saved on the cloud and in hardcopies to maximize project security and avoid any future litigation or conflicts. 

Mockups And Prototyping

Business analysts provide software prototypes and detailed solution mockups before the actual development takes place to empower product owners and investors to visualize and simulate their ideas.

Faster Time-To-Market

Thanks to our large teams of multidisciplinary professional analysts and efficient operations, we take half the time frame to produce and launch a live product with tangible results, helping you achieve your business goals at the speed you need. This is the power of business analysis.

Proactive Plans

A core element of asgatech business analysis services is proactive plans. No more surprises, be it a giant bottleneck or a project challenge. We maximize predictability during the software development process and we anticipate challenges with proposed solutions,

What We Do In Business Analysis?

Project Discovery

asgatech initially provides a project discovery workshop for all the project stakeholders to brainstorm ideas and identify their business goals, budget, and what they really want to tackle in the market. This workshop output is the first draft of the strategic plan.


Business Process Analysis

In business analysis, we assess your business capabilities and technologies. We also determine the technology stack that will be used, document project data, and create a feasibility study to come up with a final cost estimation.

Technical Research & Alignment

Our business analysts and subject-matter experts guide you to empower your technological alignment. We conduct extensive technical research to define technologies’ usability and introduce our recommendations for the tech stack that matches the solution’s goals.

Continuous Maintenance

Our role does not end with the project going live. After launching your project, we keep along to continuously maintain the product and also to support any further enhancements and fix any bugs.


Competitor Analysis

asgatech provides deep market competitors analysis to fill the market gaps and come up with analytical reports that will inform the product design and development process later.

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