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Implement AR VR app development in your business with asgatech and yield the benefits of personalized customer experiences, less churn rate, increased sales, and more.


Revolutionize The Way You Do Business

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are the technologies of integrating digital information and virtual objects in real-time. Either we are doing this in our virtual (simulated) or augmented (real-world) environment. This technology is extremely transforming all the industries because it’s providing extraordinary user experience and numerous possibilities of application. 

At asgatech, we build augmented reality and virtual reality apps that give immersive experiences for users and reflect positively on your ROI. We harness these cutting-edge technologies to build next-generation apps that satisfy customers, gain their trust, and seamlessly trigger actions like never before.


What VR/AR Development Reflects On Your Business?

Immersive User Experiences
Effective, Interactive Marketing
Bridging Communication & Location Barriers
Better Market Understanding with Deep Data Analytics
Personalized Business Models
Rich Simulated Environments for Planning & Designing

What We Do In AR VR ?

Augmented Reality App Development
  • Location-Based AR Apps
    We build apps that provide visual engagement as 3D or 2D placement apps, real-time translating apps, marketing apps, smart mobility apps, and more.
  • Sensor-Based AR Apps
    asgatech develops apps that depend on collecting data from sensors to provide real-time actions or shows. This kind of app grants a memorable customer experience.
  • Image Recognition Based AR Apps
    On our development list, we also build apps that digest visual content like images, videos, and faces to offer personalized engaging apps and advanced search services.
  • Augmented Reality Gaming And Business Apps
    We have the technology and experts to provide a diverse variety of apps that are built on-demand to serve specific business goals or serving entertainment purposes.
Virtual Reality App Development
  • Data Visualization VR Apps
    We design apps to support sales and presentations by offering enhanced data visualization experience for better data understanding and higher chances of acquiring more customers and sales.
  • Virtual Reality Events Organizing Apps
    Applications that revolutionize the way how conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and any event are held. We at asgatech have been developing these types of apps now more than ever, especially in the pandemic years because getting a lot of people in one place in real life has become a big challenge.
  • VR ECommerce And Products Marketing Apps
    Minimize churn rate and cart abandonment while driving better selling and conversion rates, relying on asgatech VR apps that allow your customers to see products closely before purchasing.
AR/VR Consultation

We offer a wide range of AR/VR consultations to help enterprises and startups identify how this technology will enhance their business and how to get the maximum value and benefit out of it.

AR And VR Apps Support And Maintenance

Our expert development team of AR/VR developers provides comprehensive support and strategizes for proactive maintenance plans that keep you ahead always.

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Design of UI/UX and visual content


Integrating Third parties &APIs

Testing and verification


Maintenance and support

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