Application Modernization

Searching for legacy application modernization services for your enterprise? asgatech offers expert, comprehensive solutions that will revamp the way you work

Application Modernization

The Time of Legacy Systems Transformation is NOW 

Improve your software usability, team productivity, and work efficiency while reducing operating costs by modernizing your old legacy applications with the latest technologies. 

It’s time to transform your aged, outdated legacy software into an up-to-date enterprise system, not only to provide a better user experience or to provide an augmented work environment for your employees but also to operate more efficiently and push your success to the next level.


asgatech for Application Modernization Services

asgatech has the required experience and knowledge to build your new modernized enterprise app with an easy-to-use user interface. It will help streamline employees’ daily tasks and maximize your enterprise-wide operations. Backed by our people and technology, asgatech is here to support and rejuvenate your enterprise for more optimized performance, and more consistent, accelerated growth.

Application Modernization Services Key Benefits

Modernizing your enterprise software enables you to meet today’s standards and tomorrow’s challenges while maintaining competence, security, and organizational autonomy. Moreover, modernizing securely builds a fully updated tool without risking creating a new solution that fails to generate acceptance. When you collaborate with asgatech, you can relax knowing that complex issues will be resolved. Our extensive vetting, testing, and reporting process ensures complete efficiency and transparency to address your business needs and complex technical requirements in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

An Innovation-Driven Enterprise
Better Team Productivity & Collaboration
Operational Efficiency
Dynamic Business Capabilities
Data Security
Maximized ROI

Application Modernization Services We Offer

asgatech has a highly specialized business line that can handle complex projects and is highly qualified to meet the rigorous demands of the fast-growing IT and software business areas. We have been working in enterprise application modernization services for 19 years now, developing mega-enterprise solutions to bring them alive again and creating new successful revenue-generating systems. 

Enterprise Application Modernization Re-Engineering
  1. Legacy Applications Revamping For more scalability and agility, we re-code your existing legacy app without any radical change to the software, while optimizing its performance.
  2. Legacy Applications UI Improving If you like everything about your legacy software except for its design, we revamp and upgrade your UI for maximum efficiency and enhanced user experiences.
  3. Legacy Application Cloud Migration Ensure faster time-to-market migration from your old portal-based system to cloud-native software with cost-effective strategies.
  4. Legacy Applications Extending Modules  As your business grows, your needs also grow. No need to change the whole system. We help provide additional and advanced modules or features to support your work scalability.
Enterprise Application Modernization Consulting

Don’t get lost with what you should do to your enterprise application. asgatech knows how to guide you to mine your needs. We recommend the best practices and latest tools that can boost the efficiency of your enterprise. Pick your needs from our wide range of application modernization services and get started.

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How We Do It?

Our Five-Step Process

Legacy Software Analysis

In this phase, our team of professional software developers and data analysts break down your system components to evaluate features, risks, and future needs all without disrupting your business workflow. 

Application Transformation

The execution stage is mainly for designing how your software will look, building your new-needed features, and finally developing to bring all this into reality. Testing and verification follow.

Integration Phase 

Next, we integrate any new tools that would impact positively on your business, while assisting you with data migration and without any interference with your workflow. 

Training & Support 

We never leave without ensuring your team’s comfortability and familiarity using the new interface and full software. After training, we keep supporting you with regular maintenance and upgrades.

Apps We Modernize

On-demand legacy apps
eCommerce legacy apps
Healthcare legacy apps
Finance and insurance legacy apps
Food and beverage legacy apps
Media and entertainment legacy apps
Travel and transport legacy apps
Educational legacy apps

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