Saudi Arabia


.NET Technology, Android and IOS Native, Java, Swift


Business Analysis, Software Development, Mobile Development Services, UI/UX Design, and QA


SmartLab is a part of SmartMed group and is the first technologically developed medical lab based in Saudi Arabia. SmartLab seeks to improve patients’ health and is committed to providing high-quality, innovative, and patient-centered laboratory services to deliver fast, smooth, and affordable lab experiences for patients and customers.


While the whole healthcare industry is digitally transforming, the laboratory segment in the Kingdom is still operating under the same traditional systems. These approaches have been outdated and are currently creating obstacles in the patient’s tough journey, especially in the pandemic years. Old laboratories systems take a long time and lots of human interaction in order to make one test. People were in need of a solution that would make the whole process faster and easier with higher quality and accuracy and on the top of all, contactless.


Our experts from the web development teams, mobile app development teams, and AI and robotics teams have joined forces to build a connected system that operates seamlessly to provide an exceptional experience to all Smart Lab users. 

asgatech has partnered with SmartLab to offer personal lab services through 3 different solutions. The first is a mobile app for end-users to schedule appointments or request a phlebotomist for home visits at their preferred date, time, and location. The app also provides multiple features such as live tracking of the medical team, results tracking, advanced medical reports, and online payment solutions. The second one is a phlebotomist mobile app to allow SmartLab representatives to register and follow patient requests. The third solution is a smart kiosk to be used inside the labs’ branches to provide a fast, contactless experience to place a testing appointment or to receive the test’s result.

asgatech process was multi-layered to deliver these 3 innovative solutions utilizing the technologies of Java, Swift, and .Net. This cross-disciplinary project was a unique, challenging one where we have harnessed the power of our expertise, capabilities and potentials to bring it to life. 


These solutions have totally revamped the user experience in the laboratory field. Patients now get more convenient, easy, fast, and accurate services from the comfort of their homes and can track their results and even store their reports as a medical history reference in their accounts. Smart Lab was the first to provide such high-tech services in the Kingdom, which contributed to its growth and helped them to achieve its objective of delivering an unrivaled experience for its users.

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