Human Resources Management, Manpower Solutions


Saudi Arabia


Native Android by Java, Native iOS with Swift, .Net Core, Angular JS


Business Analysis, Software Development, Web Portals Services, Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, and QA.


Founded in 2012, Al Mawarid for manpower outsourcing is a professional leading company in the human resources field in the Kingdom. For 10 years, Al Mawarid has been nurturing the Kingdom’s manpower sector with professional recruitment services and expert human resources for the private and public sectors. Al Mawarid and asgatech have joined forces on more than one project all aiming to digitally transform the manpower outsourcing sector aligning with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.


The Kingdom was facing a real challenge in the home services manpower outsourcing sector, because of the inability to find high-qualified professionals. In case found, users face another train of challenges including a long, complex hiring process, scheduling appointments, payment, and more. Al Mawarid needed to provide a new, smart, and fast way to go about it. They needed to digitalize their service and provide an optimum user experience where users can choose experts based on specific qualifications, including language, education, country, or any other. The challenge was to build a robust digital platform that enables users to manage the entire process smoothly from scheduling, choosing a housekeeper, and paying securely from one single platform.


asgatech teamed up with Al Mawarid in developing the all-new “Hemma” digital platform.

The platform that includes a web portal and mobile app provides easy-to-use, on-demand home services where users can request expert and reliable housekeepers, on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis and pay online. asgatech team of experts has successfully developed a robust solution with Java, Swift, .Net Core, and AngularJS technologies, offering both efficiency and convenience. The newly developed solution has made a groundbreaking success because of combining the simplicity of usage and high functionality, while providing maximum users privacy.


“Hemma” solution has succeeded in detangling the complex process of hiring qualified professionals for users’ homes or offices in a simple and convenient way. Users can now request the required caliber, choose their own specific needed qualifications, and pay online with multiple payment options. 

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