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Transform How Your Facility Maintenance Is Managed

I-Maher is your powerful computerized maintenance management system CMMS software that utilizes the latest technologies to automate, facilitate, and standardize your facility and asset maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO).

I-Maher is deployed in cloud and on-premises and runs across your preferred platform, including mobile devices and desktops. The CMMS solution provided by asgatech is recognized for being a real-time solution to manage maintenance work orders and for its ease of use, high functionality, and customer support features. I-Maher makes your day-to-day operations efficient.


Why I-Maher For Facility Maintenance ?

Streamline Facility Maintenance

With a variety of features and functions, our CMMS software automates and simplifies your facility and asset maintenance life cycle as well as your day-to-day maintenance operations, from planning and work orders to purchasing, all while maintaining associated costs.

Why I-Maher
Extend Your Assets Lifetime

I-Maher keeps your asset maintenance schedules on track with calendar features and automated maintenance alerts. These features allow you to track the asset’s life cycle and schedule periodic maintenance, which help increase the lifespan of your assets.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Minimize maintenance costs with I-Maher by maintaining assets and equipment regularly and maximizing the asset’s life span.

Optimize Operations Scheduling

Automate your work order scheduling with I-Maher CMMS system that is specially designed to support the maintenance team. With just a few clicks, you can schedule a work order and set a maintenance timeline so when the maintenance time is due, you receive a notification alert.

Maximize Your ROI

Taking advantage of I-Maher’s maintenance planning and scheduling features brings along cost savings. Improving asset maintenance regularly saves you costs that could otherwise be spent on purchasing new equipment. Not only that, but the CMMS software helps you reduce downtime, allowing you to operate more efficiently and generate more profits.

Minimize Equipment Downtime

I-Maher enables you to plan and streamline preventive maintenance. The CMMS software does not only help you cut off unplanned or emergency breakdowns but also smoothly manage planned downtime in a way that doesn’t affect your business workflow.

Empower Digital Transformation

Forget the hassle of paperwork and spreadsheets and power up your maintenance work. I-Maher enables you to keep vital asset documents, manuals, warranties, permits, and more securely stored on a digital database.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

With I-Maher helping you perform regular maintenance, you enhance the efficiency of your facility and operations, ensuring compliance with your industry’s legal and regulatory requirements.

Improve Employee Productivity

I-Maher keeps everything organized in one place to empower technicians to do their job more efficiently and smoothly. With QR code scanning, they can find previous work orders, last inspection data..etc.

Controlled, Optimized, and Documented Facility Maintenance

I-Maher Key Benefits

Work Requests

I-Maher provides a smart and easy way to plan, manage, and track your maintenance issues requests from anywhere through both web and mobile apps, and store all your data in a centralized location.

Work Orders

With I-Maher work order management solution, get a seamless, fully-optimized maintenance process, from creation to tracking and completion.

Spare Parts Inventory

I-Maher spare parts inventory provides smart features, such as bar-code lookups and stock level monitoring to simplify your maintenance management workflow.

Asset Management

I-Maher offers a full asset management solution that brings everything in one place, from asset allocation to usage and maintenance history to ensure optimum performance.

Maintenance Management

Optimize and accelerate your maintenance management with I-Maher’s regular preventive and corrective plans, customized schedules, and checklists. Control all your maintenance operations and overcome any work challenges faster and better.

I-Maher Product Key Benefits
Purchasing & Suppliers

Get the most of I-Maher data collection and full automation services to streamline your purchasing and supplier management like never before.


I-Maher Product Key Benefits
Reports & Dashboards

With an intuitive user interface and fully customizable dashboards, I-Maher gives you full visibility into organized data insights and reports to take data-driven actions.

I-Maher Product Key Benefits
Multisite Toolkit

I-Maher has the ability to connect between different locations and streamline maintenance management for these diversified sites at the same time. In addition to splitted inventory management for every site to maximize resources usability. 

Why I-Maher?

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