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Ready to convert all your social media audience and website visitors into leads? With asgabot, gather all your conversations from multiple messaging platforms into one funnel that pours into an omnichannel solution where your support agents can reply and interact with all of them from one touchpoint. 


asgabot, Human Responses With Machine Capabilities

asgabot has the machine’s wide range of exceptional capabilities of managing requests and replying to live chats but with a natural human-like tone. With the help of machine learning and continuous developing algorithms, you can train your own AI chatbot prototype to answer multiple questions and queries and guarantee a matching response. However, what elevates the personalized customer experiences of asgabot is the AI cognitive technology that enables the chatbot to understand sentiments and extract entities independently. 

asgabot Benefits

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Minimize Resolution Time, Maximize Retention

Streamline your customers’ requests and minimize ticket resolution time to guarantee a satisfying customer experience. Boost customers’ loyalty and retention with asgabot’s multiple features such as bot to agent handling, intent recognition, and more.

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Level Up Sales

Skyrocket your sales by replying to real-time conversations with asgabot. Receive sales requests and respond naturally to place orders or to direct the customer to the product page on the website to assure a closed deal. In addition, you can schedule a sales meeting and direct qualified leads directly to the sales team.

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Scaleup Without Extra Workforce Costs

asgabot minimizes your operational costs because you no longer need a gigantic team to reply to all engaging customers. Instead, our intelligent chatbot will reply to all conversations and only unresolved issues will be handled by a real agent. You can scale up your business anytime without extra overhead expenses, office setup, and devices.

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Supercharge Outbound Marketing

Supercharge lead generation from conversations and provide personalized recommendations to all customers who have been in touch before. In addition, you can enhance outbound marketing by sending promotions and current offers to your customer base and reaching out to the website or mobile app visitors proactively to trigger actions.

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Strict Security, Flexible Deployment

End-to-end authenticated chats between customers and the chatbot to guarantee secured data entities and conversations. Besides, asgabot supports agile deployment where you can use it on public or private cloud or on-premises.

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Progressive Improvement With Machine Learning And Ai

Over time machine learning receive thousands of inputs that optimizes its operational efficiency. However, AI and cognitive technology augment the solution by understanding customer needs in different ways and storing this data in the machine learning scripts to enrich the chatbot’s knowledge base.

asgabot, The First Robust Arabic Chatbot

Speak your customers’ language.
Understand Arabic in different Arabic dialects and provide sentiment understanding with the powerful cognitive AI technology and machine learning pre-trained programs.


Reimagine Your Multichannel Customer Service With asgabot

asgabot Features



24/7 Availability

Intent Recognition

AI Cognitive Responses

Sentiment Analysis

IBM Watson Development

Machine Learning Scripts


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Speak your customers’ language.
Understand Arabic in different Arabic dialects and provide sentiment understanding with the powerful cognitive AI technology and machine learning pre-trained programs.

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