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About asgatech

asgatech is a software house established in 2003 that supports governments and large-scale enterprises to improve their operational performance. We help business owners catch up with fast-paced technologies to digitally transform, which reflects a positive impact on their customers. Our endless innovative ideas are not meant only for digital transformation, it’s meant to bring the best out of your business in terms of sales, marketing, information technology, and more. We deal with our customers as partners; you succeed, we succeed.  

Why asgatech

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High-end Technologies

We are keen to use the most updated technologies in the market. We keep an eye on all the emerging and trending tech stacks such as artificial intelligence AI, Quantum computing, Blockchain, Internet of things IoT, VR/AR, and much more.

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Custom, Results-driven Solutions

At asgatech, it’s all about getting there. We strive to hit specific goals and measure our success with numbers and tangible results. When we work on a project, we are strictly committed to producing software solutions that meet your business and end-users needs and bring real value to you.

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19 Years of Experience

Since 2003, we have been working in the software field. Over the years, we have enriched our knowledge with our involvement in mega projects along with leading businesses and increased our exposure to the tech market with expertise that fuels our work now.

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Tech-savvy Experts

We hunt top market talents to ensure providing superior professional services. asgatech’s team is a hybrid of industry pioneers with extensive experience and young talents who are passionate about the tech field.

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Operational Agility

At asgatech, we maintain operational agility to streamline our operations and deliver a steady flow of value for our clients. We carefully plan and adapt our processes, as well as anticipate challenges, which allows us to respond faster and more efficiently without affecting the project’s budget or time frame.

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Client-centric Approaches

At asgatech, our client-centric approach has two dimensions; putting our clients’ requirements at the heart of every project as well as their end users’ preferences and expectations. Our quality is typically tied to meeting both with precision and extraordinary attention to detail.

Company History

  • 2003

    Establishment of the first Arabic-speaking software house in the Middle East.

  • 2010

    Became A Microsoft Partner

  • 2013

    Upgraded our Microsoft Partnership to Silver Partner

  • 2015

    Became A Microsoft Managing Partner in Egypt


Our mission is to empower businesses to drive innovation and make an impact in this tech-powered business scene. We harness cutting-edge technology to provide efficient IT solutions and deliver robust digital experiences for your customers, employees, partners, and your entire ecosystem.

That’s our mission; that’s our purpose.



For 19 years as a pioneer in the technology and software field, asgatech vision is to maintain and extend this leading position even beyond the MENA region. We strive to drive change. We strive to keep guiding enterprises in their digital transformation journey and pave their route with our technology stack to accelerate their business growth. 



Progressive Learning 

We believe that in order to lead, we have to be the most updated, diversified, and dynamic one in the room. We motivate our team to go beyond their limits and offer ample learning opportunities in all majors. Technology evolves in a blink of an eye, and so do our people, processes, and innovation.


We push everyone at asgatech to think differently. We ask for a better solution then we top it because technology empowers creators to innovate.


We understand the power of diversity and we’re committed to providing an equal working landscape clear from any discrimination, racism, or any kind of inequity. We’re also accountable and maintain transparency in our communications, services, and operations all the time. We say what we do and do what we say.


+19 years of experience
+200 Projects
3 Offices
+1M End Users

More Than 200 Satisfied Clients Around The World

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