about us


Our vision

asgatech vision is to set a benchmark for enterprise mobility solutions in MENA region.

Our mission

asgatech is having a clear mission that is to help in innovating new ideas that supports our partners and clients to adopt new technologies to empower their brand awareness, this mission would be applied by fulfilling our services by digitalizing the operations of our partners and clients to allow them to gain more of their customer’s engagement.

That would be done by digitalization, and mobilization of their operations and adopting IOT “Internet Of Things” , CRM , data analytics and many more technologies in the solutions we offer.

Many offices in the Middle East including but not limited to:

That enables us to fully understand our customer’s needs and culture, and enable us to fulfill their requests in a professional and timely manner.

Our services are mainly providing custom software solutions, technical trainings, and consultations to the users in the regions we cover.

Our History

16 years of physical presence in MENA region with collective experience of 600 years in providing custom software solutions, digitalization and mobilization of the different operations in trading, engineering, medical services, e-commerce,…etc. drowning from its managers, team leaders, developers, designers, quality assurance, and consultation employees and staff working on the major manufacturer’s platforms like apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, blackberry, applying technologies like IOT, Mobile development using Swift, objective C, C++, C#, Java, python, Ruby, and also fulfilling the cross platforms technologies like Xamarine, titanium, Kony, HTML 5 and many more.

Not forgetting about our broad experience in web solutions using .Net technologies, PHP and WordPress.

Also we have empowered our customers to use technologies that would affect their entities in an effective and positive way like SharePoint, dynamics, Oracle technologies, and Business intelligence.

Finally, we help our customers to present their solutions in an innovative and effective way, using our brand new video production department were our team produces videos explaining the power of the apps, websites and digital solutions we provide for them.

Building on that experience allowed us to have a skillful team of architects, and consultants that would help us serve our clients and partners to make the best of the technologies appeared, appearing or will appear on the market to assure them not only having great solutions to use, but also the continuity of the delivered solution to be able to be updated whenever needed.

That was proved by being one of the first entities in the Middle East to deliver Smart watches solutions, VR solutions and indoor navigation to our customers in MENA region, and showcasing it in the most important technology conferences in the regions like GITEX and Cairo ICT.

Our key success factors are based on four key values: “Vision, Leadership, Teamwork, and Innovation.”

Producing high-quality solutions and applications are a challenge far beyond the capabilities of any individual or even single department. It requires seamless collaboration among researchers, development staff, quality control professionals, sales people as well as a marketing team. A multi-disciplinary approach is crucial to the success of our business.

We embrace the spirit of teamwork and appreciate the value of communication among team members.

asgatech has developed many solutions for different customers like Samsung , Dubai courts, Sharjah Economic development department, Shekh Sharaawy app, E-bling for gold trading, E-bling for Cars trading, Sharjah courts, Sharjah education council, Truksi, Federal transport authority, the Ministry of Culture, youth and community development, the Fujairah Chamber, Ajman tourism development department, Ajman real-estate regularity authority, Zakat Fund, Axiom telecom, and many more other clients that you can check by navigating to our portfolio.

Summarizing our activities, we can provide you, IOT solutions, Mobile applications, websites, web portals, CRM solutions, SharePoint solutions, business intelligence services, data analytics services, technical consultations, technical trainings, designing and graphics services, and video production services.

To know more about asgatech and to start having your technology solution contact us now.