asgatech… seven out of seven for the seven emirates!


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Many companies rise and fall, but only few who can stay, evolve, develop and expand.


asgatech is a name that started only few years ago in UAE competing with many of the local, arab, and international competitors  in one of the toughest markets in the world full of competition from all of the important and companies working in the country challenging the political, & economical conditions passing by the Arab region in general, and the Gulf area especially throughout these years, despite all of that asgatech is still a name we are proud of in the industry of the information technology in Egypt and the middle east.


In such a short time asgatech was able to achieve some solid steps regarding proving it’s capabilities in such a country that is attracting investments from companies all over the world.


This was done following a set of steps and items, the most important of them is asgatech’s team that is shining with its team capabilities and experience in the world of technicalities and business development which granted them a huge competitive advantage from the first day till now as well as asgatech’s network of relations that was built in few months affected the team in a positive way resulting sinage of many contracts for medium, and large projects with both the governmental sector and the private sector including the major players in the market such as Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, and BlackBerry.


The strategy followed by asgatech, and the flexibility that we depend on in our work, alongside the high quality outputs for its projects that are being delivered to the clients and partners in UAE gave asgatech the opportunity to develop, and grow big time also allowed asgatech to finish the needed projects with a very challenging time and cost.


Today asgatech is celebrating the event of being the first Egyptian company that was able to achieve deliver and sign contracts for projects with the seven emirates (seven out of seven) with clients from different sectors, medical, governmental, tourism, security, religious, social, trading,  and mass communication within Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Rasulkhaima, Fujirah, and the emirate of Umulquin.


Today asgatech is proud of its growth with the clear proves day after day in the middle of such continuing challenges, and promising every one that we will continue to grow as one of the strongest companies in the industry of information technology in Africa and middle east.