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Alsharq app is one of the awesome Augmented Reality apps that asgatech

developed for Dar-Alsharq newspaper including the basic features of the news App.

Alsharq app is a news app build based on asgatech news framework, that handle

the news feeds in the app with push notifications to the app users, and the most

the interesting part of our app is the augmented reality module.

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Alsharq App

Alsharq App features:

  • RSS feeds.
  • Advertisement .
  • Contact us section.
  • Different  Categories of news
  • AndAugmented Reality Feature
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Alsharq App

We have 4 Types of Augmented Reality:

  1. Image Gallery.
  2. Audio
  3. Viedo
  4. 3d Models

Alsharq App in market you can find it on the IOS  and Android stores