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The application of the seventh day is continued to the “seventh day” print, which issued daily, and was published weekly since October 2008, and was issued a day starting from May 31, 2011, and operates the “seventh day” on its daily and daily her newspaper, according to the professional rules inherent to the profession of journalism, which Priority is given in the press industry for the production of news and information absolute credibility, and in depth analysis, transparency in information

And put the “seventh day” this priority essential bridge to reach readers, and that no political or partisan affiliation or ideological biases or denominational or sectarian advance. And based on the “seventh day” in thought and vision on a deep and firm belief in the foundations of a civil state that makes the law, the first reference, and Ttzn movement a strict separation of powers, and adopt democratic approach to politics, and freedom in the economy responsibly and national basis for the development and renaissance and social stability

And directed the “seventh day” to readers a slice of the Egyptian elite, which is not confined to the elite in the political entourage and financial, but also extends to the educated classes distributed to different segments of the Egyptian middle class, also heading to the consumers of information slice and news distributed to all segments of society, and also extends to researchers for interestingness in print journalism licensed their material information and entertainment catalog.